EasySchool - School management system


Easy and simple control panel, makes the system suitable for all levels.


The system is complete, meet all the needs necessary to manage all the processes in your school.


Access to the system from anywhere and at any time to ensure efficient and fast communication.


The system is programmed in accordance with standards of global programming, safe and compatible with all browsers.

Single License
Single License
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Unlimited Students
Unlimited Teachers
Parents Module
Lessons Module
Payments Module
Messages Module
Library Module
Transport Module
Reports/Absences Modules
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Easy School

EasySchool is a School management system , characterized by a number of properties and the simplicity and ease of use, it allows the school to move from the traditional paper form to electronic form via the Internet and the possibility of communication between the four elements "administration - teachers - students - parents" from anywhere and at any time.



For students the system provides a control panel with a range of options :

The latest news of school..
subjects and times of the exams.
Communicate with administration and teachers.
School transport times..
Allow students to record absence..
Access to lessons provided by professors .. etc


System allows teachers to communicate with students and parents with ease, With the possibility of Add tutoring and send report ..

The latest news of school.
Access to Student Profiles.
Communicate with students, parents, and send report.
Add exams and insert results.
Add tutoring for the sections where he teaching with the ability to upload files..
Record absence.. etc


For parents, things will be not difficult for them .. the system provides an easy and simple Control Panel allows them to Follow their children in the school

Access to results and reports of their children.
Teachers of their children and communicate with them.
Examinations and school transportation time.
Communication with the administration.. etc